Pork Processing

Pork Processing

Serving Kirksville, Lancaster, and All of Northeast Missouri

Over the past several years, we have received numerous requests for processing pork in the Northeast Missouri area.

Our years of experience have made Mast Meats, LLC the Premier Location for taking your pork for butchering services.

Pork Processing Fees

POrk Processing Northeast Missouri

$45.00 Slaughter Fee

$0.55 lb. Custom Processing, $0.65 lb. Inspected

Sausage (in Poly Bags) 1lb/2lb – Mild/Medium/Hot/Scream
Patties – $0.50 per lb.
Cured/Smoked Hams – $1.00 per lb.
Cured/Smoked/Sliced Bacon – $1.50 per lb.
Pork Roll – $2.00 lb.
Bratwurst – $2.50 per lb. (Raw)
Link Sausage – $2.00 per lb. (Raw)

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