Deer Processing

Deer Processing

Typical Rifle Season Hours
8am - 9pm Monday-Saturday
Closed Sunday

During deer season, a lot of hunters come in to have their game processed. We are trusted by customers from multiple states. They go out of their way to have their meat-cutting needs done by us because we follow strict standards.

Bring your deer to us and we’ll process it into ground meat for burgers, breakfast sausages, bologna, and brats. We can also make deer sticks! Moreover, you can choose to have the hindquarters smoked, cured, sliced, tenderized, or prepared for roasting. We save and vacuum pack the inner and outer loins. However, we can tenderize them if requested.

We prefer whole carcasses with hide on and properly gutted. Properly gutted means removal of all internal organs and intestines, including the bladder and anus. If this is not performed properly prior to us processing your wild game, additional fees will be assessed. We offer gutting services for additional fees due at time of drop-off.


$50.00 Deposit on All Deer, Gut Fees Due at Drop-Off

Deer Caping Service - $50, due at drop-off

$70.00 Base Price, Gutted Properly*/Hide On (Preferred)

Headless Deer--$20, Partially Skinned Deer--$20

Base Price Includes:

Burger and/or Breakfast Sausage (Poly Bags) up to 35 lbs. Ground Meat

Inner and Outer Loins Saved and Vacuum Packaged

36-50 lbs. Ground Meat – $10.00 Additional
51-70 lbs. Ground Meat – $20.00 Additional
71 lbs. and Above Ground Meat – $30.00 Additional
Sliced/Roasts – $5.00 per Hindquarter
Tenderized Hindquarters – $10.00 Each
Tenderized Loins – $10.00
Any Meat Other Than Full Carcass – $1.50 per lb. for Burger and Sausage

Expedited Services Available. Ask for Price.

All Specialty Charges Additional

Link Sausage – $2.00 per lb. (Raw)

Brats – $2.50 per lb. (Raw)

Cheese – Add $1.00 per lb.


  • Regular – $2.00 per lb.
  • Jalapeño Flakes – Add $0.50 per lb.
  • Cheese – Add $1.00 per lb.
  • Cheese and Jalapeño – Add $1.50 per lb.

For Deer Sticks

  • Regular – $3.00 per lb.
  • Jalapeño Flakes – Add $0.50 per lb.
  • Cheese – Add $1.00 per lb.
  • Cheese and Jalapeño – Add $1.50 per lb.

Other Fees

*Proper Gutting Includes Removal of Heart, Lungs, Organs, Bladder, and Anus

*Gut Shot Deer Not Cleaned Properly Will Be Additional Charge

*Gut Fees: Partial – $20.00, Regular – $50.00, Gut Shot (We Determine) – $100.00

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