Beef Processing

Beef Processing Northeast Missouri

Beef Processing

Serving Kirksville, Lancaster, and All of Northeast Missouri

Beef Processing is one of our most-requested services. Our years of experience have enabled us to become the premier beef processing center in Northeast Missouri.

Once you deliver your beef to us, we will review your instructions for processing. Most customers request a combination of steaks, roasts, and hamburger. Depending upon the size of the cow, your order can be completed within a short period of time and packaged to your specifications. No order is too hard.

Beef Processing Fees

Beef Processing Northeast Missouri

$50.00 Slaughter and Aging Fee

$0.55 lb. Custom Processing, $0.65 lb. Inspected

Specialty Cuts:

Filet Mignon and Strip Steak – $25 per Beef
Cube Steak – $30.00
Stew Meat – $2.00 per lb.
Liver, Heart, Tongue – $12.00
Patties – $0.50 per lb.
30-Month and Older Beef (We Determine) – $100 SRM Removal and Disposal
Bologna and Sticks Available in Beef and Pork

Bologna Base Price – $2.00 per lb.

Stick Base Price – $3.00 per lb.

Cheese – Add $1.00 per lb.

Jalapeno – Add $0.50 per lb.


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